Two/Thirds Trio Demo
Two/Thirds /Trio /Demo Reel

My Funny Valentine
Finch playing "My Funny Valentine" on a 1974 Fender Rhodes piano. . .

Back With You (Live on Air)
On KPOV 106.7FM's Open Air

Brother What Have You Done?
Live studio recording.

Concert at GoodLife Brewery, May 2012

David Gillespie Cover of "Broken Horse" by Freelance Whales

David Gillespie Cover of "Sinister Kid" by The Black Keys

Shade 13 @ the MadHappy

Shade 13 @ the Domino RM
Shade 13 opens for the "King of The Surf Guitar Dick Dale"@ The Domino Room.

Shade 13 @ Bigstock 2011
Haven fun @ Bigstock 2011

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Casting my lasso- Sourdough Slim

Everybody does it in Hawaii - Sourdough Slim

Yodeling Cowboy - Sourdough Slim

Use Me (Live at The Silver Moon)
Nuclear Funk Live at the Silver Moon 7/21/12 feat. Josh Ballou on vocals

Shag Carpet (Live at The Silver Moon)
a Nuclear Funk Original LIVE at the Silver Moon 7/21/12

Night Calling (Live at the Silver Moon)
a Nuclear Funk Original LIVE at the Silver Moon 7/21/12

Nearness of You

Blue Jean Jacket

Shame On Me
original song all rights reserved.

Hilst & coffey / It Goes
Hilst & coffey / It Goes

Hilst & Coffey / Kate
Hilst & Coffey / Kate

Hilst & Coffey / Live at Mcmenamins
Hilst & Coffey / Live at Mcmenamins

The Stuckeys

Original song

The Stuckeys

Brick Fields_On The Vine
Acoustic duet with Brick Fields- Larry Brick & Rachel Fields.

Ira Walker- Live
Ira - acoustic solo

Here I Go
Video for Here I Go

Jazz (For Lack of a Better Word...)

I Saw Your Withered Face (live)
At the Numerica Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee, WA 8-27-16

Heartbreak Rodeo

You Should Know

That's How I Know

You Don't Own Me

Here/Glory Box Mashup

Toll Runners - Positive Vibrations
In the midst of all the chaos going on in the country Toll Runners sing a song about spreading the good vibes to your fellow man and remembering we're all equals in this world.

Toll Runners - Hey Girl (Live)
Toll Runners performing their newest song "Hey Girl" with the newest additions to the band, Brian the bassist and Chris playing drums. We're happy to be getting new music out there with much more coming soon!

Whiskey In Heaven
Original Song by - The Teccas

Down By The River
Original Song by - The Teccas

The Teccas live at Cabinet Mtn. Brewing Co Libby, MT
This is one of our favorite Breweries in Montana to Play at. Recorded Live set.

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